Deze geweldige foto’s bewijzen dat katten overal kunnen slapen

De meeste katten slapen 16 tot 20 uur per dag. En ze kunnen bijna overal een dutje doen. 14 schattige foto's: Somehow this uncomfortable sleeping position looks quite... comfortable This kitten has managed to fall asleep hugging the warm radiator and doesn't seem to mind that they are sitting Curled up like two peas in a pod, these kittens are just small enough to be able to fit in their food bowls Tucked up in a fur-lined boot, this kitten is fast asleep This cat has managed to wedge itself into a frain pipe for a snooze This cat proved it can sleep purr-etty much anywhere and is lounging in the same position as its owner A teeny tiny kitten manages to snooze between a rack of DVDs on a shelf This cat has chosen to sleep on top of a dog and weirdly, the dog doesn't seem to mind This teeny tiny kitten has stretched their body over a box and seems to have fallen asleep in the process This cat might not look alive but apparently it's just asleep... upside down This cat has managed to use up every inch of space in this box with no room to wriggle around and is still sleeping soundly This kitten is so small it can fit into your t-shirt pocket and somehow, even fall asleep there This ginger cat appears to be praying but is also asleep in the sitting-upright position This, of all the pictures, seems the most uncomfortable and yet the cat is sleeping soundly

Bron(nen):   Daily Mail