Is dit de mooiste foto van het Noorderlicht ooit?

Deze foto's behoren ongetwijfeld tot de mooiste die de laatste tijd van het Noorderlicht zijn verschenen. Het licht lijkt een gigantische Phoenix met vleugels die zich uitstrekken tot diep in de nachtelijke hemel. De foto's zijn gemaakt in Kaldársel in IJsland door de fotograaf Hallgrimur P. Helgason. Could this be the best picture ever taken of the Northern Lights? PIC BY HALLGRIMUR P. HELGASON/ CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: the aurora borealis merging to make the shape of the phoenix) - These dramatic images of the aurora borealis have captured what appears to be a huge PHOENIX rising from the ground and flying over Iceland. With outstretched wings and a striking profile the mythical creature, captured by photographer Hallgrimur P. Helgason, wowed stargazers in Kaldrsel. Hallgrimur, 64, said that the bird showed up in the night sky an hour after he got there and started snapping. He said: Its really a thrill shooting the aurora, especially when they are so playful like they were that night. SEE CATERS COPY.

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