Alles wat je wilt weten over Nederland in het Engels

Netherlandsbynumbers is een site die helemaal vol staat met weetjes over Nederland. Wist je dat we denken dat we de langste mensen op aarde zijn, maar dat de Zweden dat feitelijk zijn? En weet je de tien bekendste wereldbedrijven die (mede) Nederlands zijn? De antwoorden zijn in het Engels, maar klik op de volgende links en je leert veel over ons eigen land
  1. Nine Dutch pop records which became global hits
  2. Five rules for dealing with Dutch birthdays
  3. Ten things the Dutch invented
  4. Five blogs about the Netherlands which we like
  5. Seven public holidays in three months
  6. Five things you need to know about skating outdoors
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  8. Ten French words the Dutch use
  9. 10 things British people in the Netherlands cannot do without
  10. 10 Dutch films you must see
  11. 10 top A brands sold in Dutch supermarkets
  12. 10 Donald Duck characters in Dutch
  13. 10 essential Dutch expressions
  14. 12 mentions of the Netherlands in global rankings
  15. 10 memorable moments in Dutch football
  16. 10 Dutch cheeses
  17. 10 Dutch words that made it into English
  18. 10 souvenirs of the Netherlands you really should not have bought
  19. Five ways the Dutch will try to kill you using a bike
  20. 10 of our favourite Dutch acronyms
  21. Seven cultural mistakes you will make in the Netherlands
  22. Seven reasons why it is great to live in the Netherlands
  23. 10 things you need to know about Dutch supermarkets
  24. Seven Dutch monarchs and one crown princess
  25. Six traditional, emancipatory or downright weird Dutch sports
  26. Nine national parks and one nature reserve
  27. The Big Dutch Five
  28. The 10 biggest Dutch family firms
  29. Ten fabulous things about Haarlem
  30. Nine Dutch properties on the Unesco world heritage list
  31. Nine things non-Dutch children love about living in Holland
  32. The five most popular first names for Dutch girls and boys
  33. Nine really long Dutch words
  34. 14 Dutch surnames which you are glad are not yours
  35. Five other city trips
  36. The 11 cities of Friesland
  37. 11 childrens’ book characters
  38. Six essential tourist photographs
  39. Top 10 cafe terraces according to Misset Horeca
  40. 10 influential Dutch furniture designers
  41. Top five names for Dutch cats and dogs
  42. 10 Dutch fashion trends we don’t ever want to see again
  43. Seven essential foods the Dutch take on holiday
  44. The top 10 places to live in the Netherlands
  45. Seven anarchic Dutch businesses
  46. 12 Dutch places which live on in New York
  47. 10 Dutch top models
  48. 10 false friends in Dutch
  49. Seven things you need to know about Dutch bikes
  50. Six Dutch words and one gesture which are impossible to translate