Priester opgepakt na gruwelijke kindertekeningen van seksueel misbruik

In Brazilië is een priester opgepakt naar aanleiding van de tekeningen van een vijfjarig meisje waarop te zien is hoe een kind seksueel wordt misbruikt. De ouders van het meisje uit Minas Gerais zeggen de tekeningen te hebben gevonden nadat hun dochter weigerde om nog naar de Engelse lessen van pastoor Joao da Silva (54) te gaan, zo schrijven lokale media. Hun dochter was zo overstuur dat ze haar meenamen naar een psycholoog, die seksueel misbruik vermoedde. Toen de ouders de kamer van hun kind doorzochten vonden ze zes tekeningen waarop in detail het misbruik te zien was. Karine Maia van een organisatie die geweld tegen vrouwen wil stoppen zei op een persconferentie: "Een van de tekeningen trok vooral onze aandacht. Daarop was een naakte man te zien met een erectie." Priest arrested after girl, 5, draws picture of a child 'being abused' Pic shows: The drawings of the child who was allegedly abused;nnAn Evangelist priest was arrested under suspicion of abusing a child after parents of a 5-year-old girl found drawings that seem to show rape scenes.nn54-year-old Joao da Silva was recently taken into custody by police in the City of Montes Claros in Nothern Brazil¿s State of Minas Gerais for allegedly being a pedophile.nnThe parents of a 5-year-old girl are the ones who made the complaint.nnAccording to them, last summer their daughter used to go to English classes held by the pastor who is part of a local Evangelist cult.nnWithout any apparent reason, the child said she does not want to attend the courses anymore. When parents tried to persuade her again to go to the priest¿s English classes after a break, the 5-year-old refused strongly.nnThe mother and father decided to take their child to a psychologist who instructed them to look for any sign of abuse that the girl might have suffered.nnWhile checking her personal things, the parents found drawings that seem to illustrate a rape scene. One of the sheets of paper drawn in black pencil shows a person with what appears to be an erect penis standing on top of another.nnThe face of who is below illustrates fear.nnThe father claims the priest admitted in a phone call that he did abuse the 5-year-old girl.nnKarine Maia, a representative of The Delegation for Stopping Crimes Against Women, told local media: "We found six drawings among the child¿s belongings. One of them that caught our attention shows the face of a naked man with an erect penis"nnJoao da Silva was arrested and is currently investigated by local authorities.

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