Deze foto met bijschrift twitterde Lance Armstrong vandaag

'Back in Austin and just layin' around...'

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  1. Cornelis Berend

    “just look at all my EPO trophies”

  2. DennisK

    “I am the winner, no time for losers”.

  3. malky

    De man heeft wel humor.

  4. nelon chanady

    at that level of cycling the top riders use something not natural. look at what you can buy now for cycling perfomance nutrition. why didnt the hundreds of tests during his very long career not find something? its a system were they can test you before and after the races. maybe their system is politically motivated. theres very powerful people who didnt stop finding ways to take away his titles. why now, long after he last won a tdfrance title? if you have followed this issue with the sport, its always been a problem then, now, and future, you’ll see. if this very prosperous sport will put people at the races that will test ALL cyclist then this problem will stop. how, easy, limit number of riders to half the size now and test everyone at every race! thats about 70 riders at the tdfrance race (now 140 appox.). maybe they enjoy the power of being selective to who they want to strip titles from. i’ve been a cyclist for 33 years, and have read alot on this subject. someday lance will have his titles returned, if not let them enjoy it on their wall. love you lance and thanks for the memories. nelson chanady, bmx 1980-86, usa

  5. MartijnSiemes

    Als dan toch iedereen doping gebruikte is hij nog steeds de beste.

  6. Dead Silence

    De foto is net niet scherp genoeg om te kunnen lezen met welke dope hij de Tour heeft gewonnen. En een echte wielrenner fietst ook de Giro en de Vuelta.

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