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TwitLit: romans van 140 tekens

TwitLit: romans van 140 tekens
Door - woensdag 17 oktober 2012, 11:47 in categorie: Cultuur

The Guardian daagde 21 schrijvers uit om een ‘roman’ te schrijven in 1 tweet. Ongelooflijk hoeveel je in 140 tekens kunt zeggen.

Een paar voorbeelden:

James Meek
He said he was leaving her. ,,But I love you,” she said. ,,I know,” he said. ,,Thanks. It’s what gave me the strength to love somebody else.”

Ian Rankin
I opened the door to our flat and you were standing there, cleaver raised. Somehow you’d found out about the photos. My jaw hit the floor.

Jeffrey Archer
,,It’s a miracle he survived,” said the doctor. ,,It was God’s will,” said Mrs Schicklgruber. ,,What will you call him?” ,,Adolf,” she replied.

En last but not least:

Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones)
OK. Should not have logged on to your email but suggest if going on marriedaffair.com don’t use our children’s names as password.

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