'Liever een wachtwoord voor Netflix dan een verlovingsring

door Ans Vinkzaterdag, 08 oktober 2016 om 17:51
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De 20 grappigste dingen die vrouwen deze week zeiden op twitter volgens de Huffpo. Zoals: vinden sokken een scheiding net zo treurig als mensen? Of: iemand anders moet vanavond het sekssymbool zijn, ik vond net avocado in mijn haar. No one I know who wears tennis shoes plays tennis. Let's change the name to podcasting shoes. — Abbi Crutchfield (@curlycomedy) 5 oktober 2016 Someone else is going to have to be a sex symbol tonight. I just found avocado in my hair. — Abby Heugel (@AbbyHasIssues) 5 oktober 2016 I love taking a nap after a long day of doing absolutely nothing — Brittani Nichols (@BisHilarious) 7 oktober 2016 Fight or flight? Nah, I'm more hide or nap. — Housewife of Hell (@HousewifeOfHell) 30 september 2016 I'd rather get an HBOgo password than an engagement ring — Charlene deGuzman (@charstarlene) 7 oktober 2016 Oh fuck I'm just finding out about national boyfriend day now??? But how will I have enough time to blast myself into outer space?? — Emma Barrie (@emmabarrie) 4 oktober 2016 I need to create an email canned response that says "Sorry I missed the event. Was gonna come but I got to my room and took off my bra." — Awesomely Luvvie (@Luvvie) 5 oktober 2016 [at crime scene] Me: Please step aside, I've seen like 436 episodes of Criminal Minds — Valerie (@ValeeGrrl) 5 oktober 2016 HEAR ME OUT: sarah jessica parkour (sex & the city-themed obstacle course) — Aparna Nancherla (@aparnapkin) 5 oktober 2016 Woke the kids up with a smile, and a song. They started screaming for their real mom to come back — Suburbia_Mommy (@runner_mom2) 30 september 2016 A paper cut from the book you're reading is revenge from a judgmental tree that's just disappointed in your choices in literature. — Beatriz (@wittwitbarista) 5 oktober 2016 Ah yes! It's that magical time of year when the cobwebs in my house suddenly become decorative. — Blu (@TwoSapphiresBlu) 3 oktober 2016 The fact that I can make coffee BEFORE I've had coffee just proves I'm a wizard — 🌴EnvyDaTropic™🌴 (@envydatropic) 4 oktober 2016 if i can keep a box of cheez-its unopened for 9 days I most certainly can keep your internet secrets — Her Tomb Boots (@fuzzlime) 3 oktober 2016 [to kids] Do not make me come in there! [to myself] because i'm so comfortable — Amanda (@Manda_like_wine) 6 oktober 2016 Friend: OMG did u see the thing on the news about the sinister clowns? Me: *flashback to me watching the debate* yeah I think I saw that — Lurk @ Home Mom (@LurkAtHomeMom) 4 oktober 2016 idk why but i feel v strongly that amanda knox is super into the hamilton soundtrack — Jessica Roy (@JessicaKRoy) 5 oktober 2016 Can I get wine delivered?--4pm musings — Christina Anderson (@Xtina_Anderson) 5 oktober 2016 I wonder if breakups are as hard for socks as they are for people. — Olivia Caridi (@OliviaCaridi) 1 oktober 2016