17 prachtige foto's van mensen die veel te veel spullen vervoeren

maandag, 09 november 2015 om 8:11
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Wat als je geen grote vrachtwagen of boot tot je beschikking hebt? Dan moet je je spullen met een fiets, brommer of auto vervoeren. Op deze 17 foto's van Reuters zie je hoe mensen op de meest creatieve manieren hun goederen van A naar B brengen.
this man in india is biking around with a huge number of plastic balls
one moped two riders and lots of fluffy cushions in cambodia
for transporting a lot of ducks a motorcycle works
this man in india is headed for the recycling center
heres a chinese truck carry a wide load down a road
this one has an even wider load
an indian rickshaw driver is taking a wrecked car for a ride
a riverboat in amazonas brazil is overloaded with empty boxes
two people pull a cart of used containers in dhaka bangladesh
a truck carrying rice stalks is headed to nouakchott mauritania
a man transports paper replicas of various items to be sold for the vu lan festival festival of hungry ghosts outside hanoi vietnam
two men transport lanterns on a motorbike in colombo sri lanka
a migrant worker pulls a cart loaded with discarded plastic foam for recycling in nanjing china
a man and six children share one motorcycle in indias uttar pradesh province
this truck in mogadishu somalia is overloaded with people and supplies including milk
a chinese man pushes a cart loaded with recyclable plastic containers
these chinese farmers are transporting harvested barley
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