Deze troosteloze winkelstraat in Athene behoorde ooit tot de 10 duurste ter wereld

Fifth Avenue in New York, de Champs-Elysées in Parijs...en Ermou Street in Athene. Deze straat in de Griekse hoofdstad stond in 2007 nog op de tiende plaats van duurste winkelstraten ter wereld. De grondprijs bedroeg meer dan 4.350 euro per vierkante meter. Dat is nu zo ongeveer de helft. Een aantal winkels is gesloten en de straat heeft veel van zijn allure verloren. Overal is graffiti. In de overgebleven winkels is bijna niemand. Alleen bij de pin-automaat is het druk. Mike Bird van Business Insider maakte onderstaande foto's in het ooit zo levendige Ermou Street. I started on the western end of the street, near my hotel — it doesn't look as if this was ever part of the prime retail space. There's a lot of graffiti. The places at this end of the road certainly weren't selling high-end goods. Some places are shuttered and look as if they have been closed for quite a long time. I passed a small ATM line of Greeks trying to reclaim their deposits, too. Sprider, a chain of Greek value fashion stores, closed down in 2013. Nothing had replaced this large outlet since then. On a side street at the very eastern end of Ermou, I saw cleaners protesting against low wages. Even farther up the street, toward the prime shopping area, there were buildings that looked as if they had been left alone for a long time. This is a typical view of one of the side streets without any shops or places to eat on it.

Bron(nen):   Business Insider