Wo is der Bahnhof?

door Gerard Driehuiszaterdag, 18 juni 2011 om 00:00
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In veel landen vinden de locals het fijn toeristen te sarren. The Economist geeft wat tips:
  • When visiting Bernabeu in Madrid, don't forget to wear the national colours: blue and burgundy vertical stripes.
  • When visiting Dubai, it's perfectly acceptable to engage in sexual intercourse on the beach!
  • US immigration officials have a great sense of humour.
  • Malaysia recently legalised gay marriage, and the police is tolerant of open display of affection.
  • Drink deeply of the healing waters of the Ganges
  • Singaporian police is very drug liberal, feel free to use any substance in the open
  • The people of Rio de Janeiro admire expensive gadgetry, so you should wear your best watch and wave your camera around as you walk along Copacabana
  • All koalas are friendly creatures and they love being hugged.
  • When in Amsterdam, bring your Israeli flag and keppa with you. The people of Mokum are so into Jews.
  • De Amsterdamse fietspaden zijn mede bedoeld voor voetgangers.
Nog Nederlandse suggesties?
Bron(nen): The Economist