Ode aan de yellow Hummer

Senior editor van Newsweek is zo droevig over het verdwijnen van de Hummer dat hij een Ode schreef:

The year that I turned seventeen-

A rebel just like Jimmy Dean

Full of angst and sullen pride

An outlaw lover by my side

You were Bonnie to my Clyde.

Janis to my Bobby McGee

No one could put chains on me.

As we went rolling through that summer

In my brand-new yellow Hummer

Drivin' fast and livin' hard

Burning up my Amex card.

Outcasts, rebels, teen banditos

With a thermos of mojitos

We would pick up at the bar

Of the country club. The far

Horizon beckoned, and the air

Cranked up high would blow your hair.

We'd fill up with a tanker load

Of gasoline and hit the road.

Rolling down that freeway ramp

To the mall or tennis camp

Speakers blasting out the Spice

Girls and then Vanilla Ice.

Remember how those neon wheel

Covers made the young girls squeal?

No sorrow in our lexicon

At least until some Mexican

Parking jockey made a dent

In the fender and I went

Ballistic on that sorry slob

I really hope he lost his job.

Mom said, "Don't let it trouble you.

Take my BMW."

I'm sorry, Mom, you're not to blame

But it's really not the same.

I can't help thinking, what a bummer

There'll never be another Hummer.

And I will never be that cool

Again, since starting business school.

Bron(nen):   Newsweek