Schokkende foto’s van het noodweer overal in Europa

Stortregens teisteren Europa. Rivieren treden buiten hun oevers en duizenden mensen zijn inmiddels geëvacueerd. Zeker tien mensen zijn omgekomen en gisteren raakten 51 festivalgangers gewond door blikseminslag op het Duitse muziekfestival Rock am Ring. Alleen al in Nederland bedraagt de schade van het noodweer meer dan 10 miljoen euro. Vooral het mid-noorden van Frankrijk en het zuiden van Duitsland zijn zwaar getroffen. Flooding has affected an area of around 160 square kilometers near the border with Austria and had caused damage worth tens of millions of euros, officials said. District governor Michael Fahmueller described the destruction as "scenes of horror". "We have had floods before, but this time it is so much worse. We had been rebuilding everything for a year, so (our) house was newly renovated from top to bottom, and it is all ruined again," Sieglinde Simboeck told Reuters TV. Emergency allowances and additional aid is being provided by authorities. In France, President Francois Hollande has promised money to local authorities to help with the clean-up effort. This image shows a firefighter swimming in the Seine to help secure boats. A state of emergency has also been declared in the country's worst-hit areas which will free up emergency funds. Paris has endured its wettest month since 1960. This image shows someone travelling by boat down the River Seine, which is approaching its highest recorded level since 1910. The Louvre — the world's most visited museum — has also closed so that staff can move work at risk of damage to higher parts of the gallery. Three people in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg have also been killed, including a young girl who was struck by a train while sheltering under a railway bridge. And in the town of Simback am Inn, trees were ripped from the ground and carried through the streets along with cars and other debris. While several people are still missing, Chancellor Angela Merkel says the country is in mourning for those who have lost their lives. More torrential rain is forecast to sweep across the continent over the weekend. Up to 2 inches of rain is expected to fall in just a few hours, covering areas from France to Ukraine.

Bron(nen):   Business Insider