Zie jij Mickey Mouse in deze Disney-films?

Het is een goede Disney-traditie om in elke film een afbeelding van Mickey Mouse te verwerken. Al langer proberen fans de Mickey's te spotten. Recentelijk onthulden Disney-medewerkers een aantal scènes waarin de muis verwerkt is. Soms zijn het slechts een paar cirkels die hem moeten verbeelden, soms is het een duidelijk plaatje. Ontdek nu zelf waar Mickey Mouse verborgen zit. 1. It’s a Disney tradition that has been secretly carried out for decades; never publicly acknowledged and is now a near obsession for fans: Finding hidden Mickeys. Can you spot Mickey Mouse in Beauty and the Beast? 2. Animators and theme park designers have long been incorporating hidden Mickeys into their work, giving fans the chance to try and spot the iconic mouse surreptitiously planted in the background of modern movies and ride designs 3. Can you spot Mickey in this shot of Dopey in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?  The practice is now so widespread that finding Mickey is considered a sport among Disney lovers with entire websites set up to document the hidden icon 4. In Wreck-It Ralph the animators hid a Mickey Mouse into the film. Imagineers have hidden representations of Mickey in movies from Snow White to Aladdin and around the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center 5. Usually they consist of three circles drawn to represent Mickey’s head and ears - can you spot Mickey in Hercules? 6. When Lilo tries to teach Stitch to be a model citizen (like Elvis Presley),  Mickey Mouse is hidden in the background 7. In a Goofy movie, Mickey Mouse also makes an appearance in the crowd  8. Mickey Mouse even makes a showing in the Lion King - there is no official list of all the Mickeys hidden by Disney workers adding to the mystery and debate but Disney.com documented some of their best movie versions on a blog post 9. In hit film Frozen Mickey also makes his mark - can you spot him? 10. When King Triton arrives at the concert in the beginning of The Little Mermaid, there are a few familiar faces

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    LOL. Straks Mickey Mouse ook te spotten in Star Wars VII?

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