‘Greatest show on Earth’, media komen superlatieven te kort

De internationale pers, maar vooral de Britse, komt superlatieven te kort om de openingsceremonie van de Olympische Spelen te verwoorden.
Daily Mail: 'Britain fires up the world: London gets the 2012 Games under way with the Greatest Show On Earth'
The Guardian: 'Licence to thrill: London 2012 opens with a dazzling pageant of all things British'
Daily Telegraph: 'London 2012: breathtaking, brash and bonkers...an utterly British Olympic opening ceremony'
The New York Times: 'A Five-Ring Opening Circus, Weirdly and Unabashedly British'
Financial Times: 'Olympics opener is like 100 musicals'
The New Yorker: 'Danny Boyle Wins the Gold'
Slate: 'Monty Python’s Flying Olympic Opening Ceremony'
Bild: ' In diesen Spielen ist Feuer!'
De Morgen: 'Het was groots en het was Brits'
Die Welt: 'Londons Olympia-Eröffnungsfeier, ein Meisterwerk'

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